Package Design Competition!

GITers, the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) is sponsoring a Student Design Competition called PACK-tastic!

The challenge is to “Design a unique and striking package to contain, transport, and market its content.” Beyond that, there’s not a lot of rule on the package design – so go crazy!  Each design should be creative, but still fulfill all the marketing needs a package requires.

All entries go through an instructor (which will be me!) and are due by Friday, June 13th.  As a university, we can enter as many times as we want, but each student can only enter one design.  All work on the package must be original, including any images or graphics.

The 1st place winner gets to travel with their instructor (again, me!) to GRAPH EXPO 14 in Chicago, Il, in the fall, in addition to a cash prize.  2nd and 3rd place also have a cash prize.

If you’re a GIT student and interested, please contact me!

For more info: