Congrats to all the GIT Graduates!

The spring semester ended with the graduation of many students from the very first class I taught in the GIT program.  I refer to this group as “my babies.” 🙂  I don’t teach that particular class anymore, but the students in that first class have taken at least 3 courses from me, and many of them have also taken my video production classes – so many of them I have seen in 5 different semesters.  Fortunately, a good amount of them are going on to work on their Masters degree in GIT.  The rest are going on to some amazing things – Adam Lay is moving to Utah to work for Adobe after interning for them last summer.  Kayla Burkholder is interning in New York City for the summer.  Jason Jones is starting somewhat of a dream job working for an automotive company doing several things, including graphic design.  Walter Arias is planning on moving to Spain and work on a masters degree.  So many of the students have told me what they’re going on to, I can’t remember them all!

Here’s some great photos of graduation… they’re not all mine, some are borrowed from the students’ Facebook page and the ASU Flickr page.

GIT – Fall 2013 Graduation

Here I am with one of my favorite students, Nick Stuart.  (Don’t tell Nick – they’re all my favorites!)  This was the Fall 2013 graduation.  He was in my first class I taught in GIT and I could always tell by the look on his face if he was getting what I was saying or if I needed to stop and go over it again 🙂

Me and Nick Stuart Dec2013Here’s another great shot from the Fall 2013 College of Technology and Innovation on the Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University:

McKensie Pillow, Laurie Ralston, Tom Schildgen, Penny Ann Dolin and Jake Sexton
McKensie Pillow, Laurie Ralston, Tom Schildgen, Penny Ann Dolin and Jake Sexton

Live Music Photographer’s Resource

Just found this great website by Todd Owyoung, a talented live music (and other types) photographer.  I know Chad Westover is going to like this one!

He has a lot of great advice on photography in general and live music photography in particular.  And some DIY projects for building that special gear you just can’t afford.

I’m sold on the guy after seeing this:

The URL is:

Go for the great pics, if nothing else (including the shot of Paul Stanley of Kiss on the Home page!)

Princess Kayla

For all of us who think Kayla is a princess… well, she really is!  Kayla was chosen to be part of the 2012 ASU Homecoming Court.  Way to go, Kayla!

Kayla, our Homecoming Princess, here with some others from the Court and Polytechnic High School students.