Great Resource for Designers

If you’re a graphic designer without the talent of also being an artist, sometimes you need a little help. My go-to for elements for my design is Creative Market.

Creative Market is like an Etsy for designers. Other designers create and post their images, typography, website themes, web elements, product mockup photos and just a whole lot of things, all for sale at very affordable prices.

For example, this font:



You can buy it to use in your personal projects for just $16, or license it for a project for a client will sell (say a book), you can by an extended license for $40.  I’ve purchased stuff for as little as $4 to use in my own personal projects.

AND if you subscribe to the Creative Market newsletter, every Monday you’ll get an email offering 6 items for free for the week! And it’s good stuff!

Check it out:

Package Design Competition!

GITers, the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) is sponsoring a Student Design Competition called PACK-tastic!

The challenge is to “Design a unique and striking package to contain, transport, and market its content.” Beyond that, there’s not a lot of rule on the package design – so go crazy!  Each design should be creative, but still fulfill all the marketing needs a package requires.

All entries go through an instructor (which will be me!) and are due by Friday, June 13th.  As a university, we can enter as many times as we want, but each student can only enter one design.  All work on the package must be original, including any images or graphics.

The 1st place winner gets to travel with their instructor (again, me!) to GRAPH EXPO 14 in Chicago, Il, in the fall, in addition to a cash prize.  2nd and 3rd place also have a cash prize.

If you’re a GIT student and interested, please contact me!

For more info:

Amazing Site for Designers of All Kinds

The site describes itself as “A graphic design enterprise that runs a network of blogs, publishes books, organizes live events and judged competitions, and designs for clients.”

With several different design blogs under the Underconsideration umbrella, you’ll find  discussions and help on topics like branding, the print industry, digital design… even menu creation!  A goldmine of good ideas!

Lots of Help!!!!

Whether you’re in Prof. Knab’s GIT230 or my 303, 413 or video class, you might want to add a little sparkle to your final projects, so here’s a big ‘ol list of tutorials and websites about Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere and After Effects (and probably other stuff, too).  Here we go…

  • Typography:
  • All kinds of photography editing help:
  • Photoshop & Lightroom tools: (lots of freebies!)
  • Photoshop help and templates/brushes:
  • LOTS of free presets for Lightroom, Camera Raw:
  • Lightroom presets, brushes, tutorials:
  • A “Groupon” type site for photography stuff:
  • InDesign tutorials: (Creativebloq has TONS of stuff about graphic design, animation, illustration, etc)
  • Adobe tutorials galore:
  • Pinterest board littered with InDesign tutorials:
  • InDesign plugins:
  • Premiere tutorials:
  • Adobe TV:  TONS of great videos on all of the Adobe products

Gravure Day

Gravure Day at ASU is now in session!

We have some great speakers this morning on the top of gravure printing.  Lots of great talk about packaging printing!

This afternoon, the GIT Club will have several people on a panel who represent all the areas that GIT covers – print, photography, web etc.  It’s a terrific opportunity for students to meet and ask people in the industries of their interest.

Come on down!  We’re in the AgriBusiness Building (AGBC) on the Polytechnic campus.  For more info: